Stephen Colbert Fake-Interviews "Intoxicated" Ryan Lochte

Screenshot/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

The 'Late Show' host tries shining a light in the swimmer's face to get a reaction.

Ryan Lochte has been making headlines with his now-infamous Olympic-sized lie about being held up at gunpoint in Brazil. Stephen Colbert jumped in on the action at the top of Monday's Late Show by conducting a fake interview with Lochte.

Colbert spliced together footage from Matt Lauer's interview with the swimmer and intercut his own interview questions for comical effect. He mocks Lochte for saying he "over-exaggerated that part" of the story, saying the "part" that Lochte exaggerated was "really the whole part."

"Without a gun cocked at your forehead, it's really just a story of guys urinating on a gas station," said Colbert. "How could you get that so wrong?"

"I was intoxicated," responded Lochte. He continues to give the same response as Colbert points out that he repeated his lie multiple times in different interviews. Then, the Late Show host asks Lochte if he's intoxicated at that very moment, shining a flashlight in his face and dangling a cat toy in front of him.

The original Matt Lauer interview with Lochte aired as an exclusive on NBC, the rival network of Late Show home, CBS.

Colbert also spoke about Lochte in his opening monologue.

“Now the whole world thinks of Ryan Lochte is that crazy American with the weird hair who keeps making stuff up and causing an international incident, which is not how an Olympian acts,” said the host. “That is how a presidential candidate acts. Get it straight.”