'Star Wars': Watch Stephen Colbert Pretend to Convince Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo

The 'Late Show' host and 'Star Wars' super fan dressed up as Ford's character to try out for 'The Force Awakens.'

If Stephen Colbert's Star Wars sketch is to be believed, Colbert is the reason Harrison Ford agreed to come back as Han Solo in The Force Awakens.

In the sketch, J.J. Abrams meets with Harrison Ford, who doesn't recognize Abrams and keeps calling him "J," despite having worked with him before on Regarding Henry. Ford is totally uninterested in working on "the space thing" when Abrams brings it up. "I did that man, I did it what, two times? Been there, done that."

"You did it three times," said Abrams. Ford responds with, "I don't go back man, I go forward," and reveals, "I hated those Ewoks."

Enter Colbert in his Han Solo outfit. He crashes the meeting and said he's been "working on some moves" to try out for Han Solo in the new film. "Did you do your own sound effects because I'm working on it," said Colbert, showing off.

Ford gets upset, grumbling about how Abrams might bring in a younger Han Solo. Then, Colbert offers to dedicate his performance to the "memory of Harrison Ford" and offers to do a "Han Duo" twins performance. Watch below.

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