Stephen Colbert Diagnoses Hillary Clinton's Real Medical Problem: "Chronic No-Penis"

Hillary Clinton operation game-Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

He also suggests people google a new set of search terms: "Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Drag Queen Motorboat."

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert got to the bottom of the debilitating medical condition that Donald Trump supporters claim is plaguing Hillary Clinton.

The Late Show host did a cold open about all of the rumors Donald Trump supporters are floating that Clinton has health issues. Playing with a special Clinton-edition "Operation" game, which he joked was the research the Trump campaign had uncovered about Clinton's health, Colbert diagnosed her as "clearly unfit to serve" as commander-in-chief.

In his monologue, he continued to mock Trump supporters for their conspiracy theories about the Democratic presidential candidate's health.

“I don’t know why they keep saying things like 'frail' or 'weak' or 'low-energy,'" said Colbert. "You’re just tip-toeing around the medical condition that you’re really upset about, one that she has that no other president in history has ever faced — Hillary Clinton has chronic no-penis.”

Colbert joked that the disease runs in every woman in Clinton's family.

He also spoke about how Rudy Giuliani suggested diagnosing Clinton on the internet and said he had an alternate group of search terms people should Google: "Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Drag Queen Motorboat." Colbert accompanied his suggestion with a video clip of Trump motorboating Giuiliani while he was dressed in drag at the annual Inner Circle show in New York.