Stephen Colbert Uses 'Hunger Games' to Mock Presidential Candidates

Stephen Colbert Hunger Games Parody — H 2015

"May the margin of error be forever in your favor."

Stephen Colbert made fun of the number of politicians running for president in 2016 by turning the campaigns into a Hunger Games narrative.

After comparing Donald Trump to Frankenstein's monster, Colbert said "America has been captivated by the spectacle of 22 political warriors ruthlessly battling in the arena for our support." 

The late night host brought out his best Caesar Flickerman impression as he introduced his viewers to "The Hungry for Power Games."

The first tribute that was "lost" to the Games was Rick Perry, who recently announced he's dropping out of the race. Colbert said goodbye to Rick Perry in true Hunger Games style by honoring the fallen "District Texas" tribute with a cannon sound and a picture of him projected onto the "arena." He even had a casket for Perry's "smart guy glasses."

Watch below and "may the margin of error be forever in your favor."