Stanley Tucci Critiques Stephen Colbert's 'Hunger Games' Impression

Stephen Colbert and Stanley Tucci — h 2015

Upon Tucci's suggestion, Colbert tests out an Effie Trinket impersonation.

Stephen Colbert continued his "Hungry for Power Games" segment on Monday, his Hunger Games version of the presidential campaign.

Colbert said goodbye to "tributes" Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, who dropped out of the presidential race, but after he mocked each of them and was ready to sound the cannons for their demise, Stanley Tucci dropped by the show.

“I was just walking down Broadway," said Tucci, "and my Tucci senses started tingling." He explained this always happen when somebody impersonates Caesar Flickerman, as Colbert does for "Hungry for Power Games."

"Stanley, please, for legal reasons I don’t know who Caesar Flickerman is," insisted Colbert, saying he was obviously playing Caesar's brother, Julius.

Regardless, Tucci said he is really proud of his nuanced portrayal of Caesar and suggested Colbert try out another Hunger Games character he may be better suited for.

"With those theatrical mannerisms and that bubbly attitude, you're clearly — you're more of an Effie Trinket," said Tucci. Colbert was immediately ready with a "Julius Trinket" wig and impression.