Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Eminem on a Michigan Public-Access Show

stephen_colbert_eminem_Monroe_Michigan_Interview - H 2015
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

stephen_colbert_eminem_Monroe_Michigan_Interview - H 2015

The rapper was introduced as Marshall Mathers, "a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music."

Stephen Colbert is getting ready for his next big gig on The Late Show starting Sept. 8. How did he prepare? The funnyman got some practice by hosting Only in Monroe, a public-access television talk show for the small town of Monroe, Mich.

Exactly 22 minutes into the show, Colbert welcomed a special guest: Detroit native Eminem — or as the host called him, "a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music, Marshall Mathers." For the next 15 minutes, Colbert quizzes the rapper on his Bob Seger knowledge, the duo talk about Eminem's career, promote Southpaw — with a video of two cats fighting — and nearly get into a fight themselves.

"Are you political? A lot of rap is political and some of it is good booty rhymes," Colbert asked Eminem on the show. "Are you more political or just booty rhymes?"

"In the middle," the rapper responded. "Right in the crack, probably."

Colbert attempts to make Eminem angry throughout the video by calling him Marshall and telling him to find a more stable career. At the end of the video, the talk show host lets the rapper know he doesn't have time for a performance but that he has to help finish the show off with the "Community Calendar" segment.

Check out the hilarious video below, but skip ahead to the 22-minute mark to see Eminem's interview.

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