Stephen Colbert Jokes About Donald Trump Receiving Trojan Horse From Putin in Recut '60 Minutes' Interview

Stephen Colbert — H 2016

"I converted my panic room into a 'let's give him a chance' room," the 'Late Show' host joked in his monologue.

Stephen Colbert did a mock interview with Donald Trump as his cold open Monday, splicing together Trump's 60 Minutes interview answers with Colbert's questions.

In the new compilation, Colbert asks Trump about Putin sending him a large wooden horse and Trump responds by saying how big and enormous the horse is.

"Have you thought about looking inside the horse to see if there's anything in it before you open the gates and bring it in to America?" asked Colbert. "No," responded Trump.

The "interview" revealed that Trump only wants to be POTUS for 15 years max and that he hired a "coffee can with googly eyes glued on it" as energy secretary.

Colbert continued to talk about the new president-elect in his monologue.

"I converted my panic room into a 'let's give him a chance room,' " joked Colbert of his weekend activities, saying the only difference is the sign on the door. 

He used an anagram to rename new chief-of-staff Reince Priebus as "Penis Rice-a-Roni" and teased the RNC chairman for not effectively reining Trump in during the campaign. He echoed the concern many people are having about Steve Bannon becoming chief strategist, describing Bannon's former website Breitbart as "the news your racist uncle gets sent to him from his racist uncle."

Colbert explained that Breitbart is an alt-right website with ties to white supremacy saying, "think about what's right, then think of the alternative to that." Sample headlines include: "Why Equality and Diversity Departments Should Only Hire Rich, Straight White Men," "Would You Rather Your Child Have Feminism or Cancer" and a headline glorifying the confederate flag.

He also mocked Trump's soft-spoken "Don't be afraid" answer in his 60 Minutes interview: "That's kind of serial killer talk. I don't remember any new president ever having to say that out loud."

Watch to see E.T. make an appearance in Colbert's monologue.