Stephen Colbert Investigates the Alleged Trump "Pee Pee Tape" During "Russia Week"

Stephen Colbert

"This might be my favorite night of the entire Russia Week."

The Late Show's "Russia Week" continued Thursday night with host Stephen Colbert launching an investigation into what he referred to as "the pee pee tape."

"This might be my favorite night of the entire Russia Week, because this night is really why I went," he announced on the show. 

Colbert added that he wanted to look into "the real news" that the media at large considered "too salacious" to look into, "but it’s the only part we care about!" he said, starting a "pee pee tape" chant with his audience. 

The tape in question allegedly shows President Donald Trump watching prostitutes urinate on a bed as described in the now-infamous Trump dossier released by BuzzFeed in January. Tuesday's show also aired a Cribs-style clip of Colbert touring the presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow where the activities allegedly took place.

“Well guess what! There was one man brave enough to go to Moscow and check it out."

While in Russia, Colbert asked anyone he saw if they had seen "the pee pee tape."

"For some reason, asking random people for the pee pee tape wasn't working," according to Colbert, so he simply checked in to the hotel and saw the infamous presidential suite (and its bedroom) himself. 

"It's soaked in history, it just washes over you," he joked, standing in the bedroom. "It's not even like it's in the past, you're in history." 

Colbert was so excited to be there, even jumping on the bed chanting, "pee pee tape."

He also pointed out that the Kremlin is clearly visible from the window across from the bed and examined the room for listening devices, breaking a piece of pottery in the process.

"You know when you've imagined something for so long and then when you see it, it just doesn't match what you've pictured in your head? That's not this feeling at all," Colbert said, sitting on a bench in front of the bed. "This is right on the money."

And he pulled out a blacklight to check the sheets and found "fake news never happened sad" written on the wall.