Stephen Colbert Mocks Presidential Candidates Who Dropped Out After "Bloodbath in Iowa's Cornucopia"

Stephen Colbert dressed up and mocking candidates Screen Shot- H 2016
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The 'Late Show' host airs another segment of his "Hungry for Power Games."

This year's election has given Stephen Colbert a lot of material for his "Hungry for Power Games" segment, in which he channels The Hunger Games' Caesar Flickerman to say goodbye to the presidential candidates when they drop out of the race.

"Alas, citizens, there has been a bloodbath in Iowa's cornucopia," said Colbert in character. "An unprecedented harvest of brave tributes."

The Late Show host first talked about Rand Paul dropping out of the race, noting that Paul started strong with a series of viral videos of himself setting fire to the U.S. Tax Code.

"Let us take a page from Rand Paul's book of heavy-handed metaphors," said Colbert, bringing out a picture of Paul and putting it into a toaster. "Goodbye, Rand. You're toast." When the picture popped up unscathed, Colbert made a play on words. "There's nothing we can do — he remains white bread."

He continued, "Also tossed on the funeral pyre of politics this week was Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley, or as you may know him, 'Do I know him?'" Colbert went on to mock Mike Huckabee for offering to go to jail for Kim Davis and then started on Jim Gilmore.

Gilmore, who received 12 votes in Iowa, has not dropped out of the race. Colbert pointed out that 12 people is less than the number of people in Iowa named Jim Gilmore. He started to say goodbye to him, but then stopped when he was told he's still running. "Does he know that he's still running?" Colbert asked. Watch below.