Stephen Colbert, James Corden Mock Trump Jr.’s Election Day Tweet Mistake

After Trump Jr. encouraged Virginians to vote on the wrong day, the late-night hosts were quick to poke fun at the mix-up.

Tweet a mistake, and Stephen Colbert and James Corden will call you out.

Taking moments during their opening monologues Tuesday night, Colbert and Corden mocked Donald Trump Jr. after he wrote a tweet encouraging Virginians to vote “tomorrow,” when he tweeted the message on Election Day Tuesday. 

With the mishap immediately gaining attention, Colbert couldn’t help but taunt Trump Jr.’s tweet. “Don Jr. woke up this morning to urge people to get the vote out, but maybe he should have waited until he’d had his morning cup of hair gel,” the Late Show host joked before adding, “#Whoopsy-daisy. #Ericisthesmartone.”

After realizing the mistake, Trump Jr. once again tweeted, asking Virginians to vote “tody,” something Colbert couldn’t help but also ridicule.

“I don’t know who ‘tody’ is, but you should really vote for him,” Colbert joked. Continuing, “This is rapidly devolving! I assume his next tweet is ‘Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov. of Vagina! Also, somebody help — I got my head stuck in my pocket.”

Meanwhile on The Late Late Show, Corden was also quick to mock Trump Jr. for his Twitter mishap.

“How far did Donald Trump Jr. set his clock back this weekend?” Corden joked, before adding his support for the message. “But I agree with Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet. Definitely go out and vote for his candidate tomorrow. Do it tomorrow. Get a good night’s sleep and do it tomorrow,” Corden said. 

Corden proceeded to quip about Trump Jr.’s mishap, when he continued to mistake the voting days, even after being informed on Twitter of his wrongdoing.

“So, apparently the Trump family only knows how to fix elections, not tweets,” Corden jabbed.

Both Colbert's and Corden’s shows aired before the election results were announced. It was later revealed that Gov. Ed Gillespie lost the election.