Stephen Colbert, Jordan Klepper Mock Trump Being Time's Person of the Year Runner-Up

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Colbert recognized Trump's pattern of "creeping behind women," whereas Klepper assured the "joke's on Time."

After it was revealed that Time magazine selected Donald Trump to be the runner-up for its Person of the Year issue, late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jordan Klepper took time during their Wednesday shows to mock the president coming in second for the coveted title, which went to the men and women speaking out against sexual harassment and assault, or, as Time dubbed them, "The Silence Breakers."

"But that's fine with Trump. He's got a long history of creeping behind women," Colbert quipped during his Late Show monologue. After Trump tweeted that he was originally chosen as the Person of the Year but declined the offer, Colbert joked that the president also passed on Sexiest Man Alive, Best in Show "and the J.D. Power Award for Best Mid-Size Sedan."

Despite Trump being runner-up, Colbert praised the magazine for its cover.

"The Person of the Year is the #MeToo movement," Colbert said, "which means everyone who still subscribes to magazines just learned what a hashtag is."

He added, "Great choice, though a moment where sexual assault survivors are actually believed shouldn't be on the cover of Time; it should be on the cover of It's About Damn Time."

Meanwhile at The Opposition, Klepper explained how the "joke's on Time" after revealing Trump's second-place ranking.

"If Trump isn't Person of the Year, then how come the article spends so much time recognizing the contributions he's made to the awareness of sexual predators?" Klepper argued.

"The point is, behind every women's movement is a powerful man who's touched so many women's…lives. In Trump's case, at least 16," Klepper joked, alluding to the allegations against the president.

The host then took a moment to congratulate the president. "Time tried to distract us with images of sexual assault survivors," Klepper said. "When we look at them, we'll think of you."