Stephen Colbert Launches 'Late Show' Web Series 'Lunch With Stephen'

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

Viewers who regularly eat lunch alone at their desks can now (virtually) have lunch with the late-night host every day for a week.

Leading up to the September premiere of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert is anxious to get to know his audience a bit better.

The late-night host launched a new web series, Lunch With Stephen, on Monday that allows for a more up close and personal connection with his viewers, albeit virtually. For workers who regularly spend lunchtime eating alone at their desks, Colbert wants to join you for lunch every day this week.

In Monday's clip of the daily weeklong series, Colbert munches on baby back ribs, talks about his dreams of opening up a bed and breakfast and offers his lunch guest relationship advice.

"What better way to bond with you guys than over lunch? After all, these days a lot of people eat their lunch alone at their desks watching videos like these," Colbert says. "This is nice. I'm really enjoying myself. I feel like I can trust you."

Have lunch with Colbert and watch the video above.