Stephen Colbert Launches State-By-State Voter Guide "Better Know a Ballot"

The 'Late Show' host is also recording customized video messages for each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., explaining how you can cast your vote in the election.

Late night personality Stephen Colbert is getting in on helping Americans get out and vote with a newly launched state-by-state resource guide, which the Late Show host debuted during his Tuesday night show.

Titled "Better Know a Ballot," the nonpartisan voter information campaign aims to eliminate the confusion around getting registered to vote and casting a ballot in the upcoming 2020 presidential election with its series of informational videos. Featuring Colbert's customized messages for all 50 states and Washington, D.C., the video guides break down how to register to vote, vote by mail and vote in person based on your state's specific laws. All will be made available on both The Late Show's social media channels and

"It's not just important to vote. It's important to have a plan for how you're going to vote, because COVID will make this election unlike anything before. And if that wasn't enough, the rules regarding how to vote vary drastically from state to state," Colbert said during The Late Show's "Better Know A Ballot" initiative announcement.

Those who visit the site can click on their respective state and get detailed information about its voter laws, with corresponding videos that "explain how to vote easily, early and safely where you live," he continued. Presently, video guides are available for Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. During the Tuesday show, Colbert noted that those first eight states were chosen based on where people can begin receiving a ballot the soonest.

"Some states do not allow you to cite coronavirus as a reason to vote absentee. Some states automatically send you an absentee request form, but not a ballot, and some states put chili on top of their spaghetti. That has nothing to do with the election but come on, Cincinnati, it's confusing," Colbert joked during the announcement segment. "So, I wanted to help make things easier for anyone who should be voting, which is everyone."

The remainder of the state-based video voting guides will be posted in the coming weeks, with all to be released by mid-October, but residents of states without videos can still go to the website and view their local voting laws and registration links now.