Stephen Colbert on Malaysia Airlines Crash: 'It's an Unthinkable Loss' (Video)

Comedy Central

Other late-night shows welcomed Colin Firth and Miranda Kerr.

Stephen Colbert got serious during the first part of Thursday's The Colbert Report to address downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which went down over Ukraine.

"It's an unthinkable loss and our thoughts and prayers are with everybody affected by a senseless act." He also addressed increasing hostilities in the Gaza Strip, noting a cease fire didn't go as planned.

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"Both sides could agree on the fire part, not so much on the cease."

On other late-night shows, things were lighter. Colin Firth told David Letterman how he landed the title Commander of the British Empire. (Hint: Playing Queen Elizabeth's dad in The King's Speech helped.)

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He said the lofty title didn't help him around the house: "To remind a child its bedtime and the fact I am a commander had no effect whatsoever."

Jimmy Fallon trotted out his flip cup staple once again, this time challenging model Miranda Kerr.