Stephen Colbert and Matthew McConaughey Revived an 'Exit 57' Sketch from the '90s

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Oscar-winning actor, on 'The Late Show' to promote his new film 'The Dark Tower,' was thrilled to reenact his favorite skit from the host's former sketch series.

Matthew McConaughey is a huge fan of Stephen Colbert's former Comedy Central show from the '90s called Exit 57.

“I religiously watched that show,” said McConaughey, as Colbert commented on how astounded he was that McConaughey has memorized quotes from the relatively unknown series. The actor stood up and showed off his memorization skills, acting out a scene from the show.

His favorite skit was "Forecast" about two men who work at a newspaper. It was a sketch Colbert didn't even remember but he happily obliged McConaughey's wishes to act out the scene together.

In the Exit 57 sketch McConaughey plays a weather forecaster angry at his editor, played by Colbert, who keeps changing his forecasts and makes him "look bad."

"What have I become, am I a monster?" asks Colbert, apologizing. "I'm going to print a retraction in tomorrow's paper, I'm going to give you your sunny with a chance of rain, I'm going to give you your integrity, your respect and your pride."

Throughout McConaughey's visit, where they also discussed his famous "McConaugheyisms," the two drank Wild Turkey, as McConaughey promoted the brand for which he is creative director.