Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Maurice Sendak

Comedy Central

The "Colbert Report" host remembered the children's author during an appearance on "Live with Kelly" to promote his Sendak-inspired children's book “I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)."

Stephen Colbert, the Comedy Central host whose Maurice Sendak-inspired children's book debuts today, appeared on Live with Kelly this morning to promote the book and commented on the passing of the legendary children's author, which had just been announced hours earlier.

Colbert described Sendak as, "the most wonderful artist, and just a tremendously honest guy." He called interviewing the Where the Wild Things are author "an honor." Colbert also seemed to revel in Sendak's description of his book as "terribly ordinary." See a clip from the interview here.

I Am a Pole (And So Can You!), Colbert's Sendak-inspired children's book arrives in bookstores today.

Colbert first pitched the book during a February interview with the legendary children's writer who passed away on May 8.   Sendak was promoting Bumble-ardy, the first new book in thirty years from to feature both his story and drawings together.

Colbert observed, "every celebrity is out there cashing in on children's books and I want in. What does it take for a celebrity to make a successful book?

Sendak replied, "You've started already by being an idiot."

Colbert proceeded to pitch “I Am a Pole (And So Can You!) about a pole's search for its identity.  The book was originally attended as just a joke but fans clamored for a real version. In February, Colbert and Grand Central Books announced that the book would be published in May.  Later, they announced that Tom Hanks would narrate the audiobook version of the story.

“I Am a Pole (And So Can You!), like the best of Colbert's work, presents a ridiculous concept in a straight-faced unironic way that slyly satirizes politics and pop culture even as it embraces it. 

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