Stephen Colbert Pits Mitch McConnell Against a Shark

"Who can pass health care legislation first?"

Stephen Colbert opened his show Monday with a take on Michael Phelps' famous "Shark Week" race.

The Late Show fake commercial advertises a race between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a great white shark. "Who can pass health care legislation first?" asks the narrator. A Senate vote on the Affordable Care Act, with legislators considering measures to repeal and replace Obama's signature legislation, is expected Tuesday.

The narrator continues, asking whether the shark or McConnell will repeal and replace Obamacare. "McConnell has years of legislative experience, but the shark has experience repealing Samuel L. Jackson," he says, as footage is shown of Jackson being attacked by a shark in a movie. McConnell is then called "the great gray turtle."

On Sunday night the Discovery Channel aired a much-hyped race between Phelps and a great white shark, and viewers were disappointed to find out it was Phelps racing against a simulation of a shark rather than a real one.

At the end of the clip, before the race even starts, McConnell, represented by a turtle, is eaten by the shark.


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