Stephen Colbert Mocks 'Say Yes to the Dress'-Inspired Republican Ads

Comedy Central / Screengrab

The 'Colbert Report' host answers with a less-than-tasteful ad of his own

Stephen Colbert is taking aim at a new ad trying to sway young women to "say yes" to voting Republican in the midterm elections.

The ad, which The College Republican National Committee launched earlier this month, is in the vein of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, with a woman choosing her candidates as if they were wedding gown designers. She ultimately goes for Florida Governor Rick Scott over challenger Charlie Crist, because choosing the Crist gown would be fiscally irresponsible. 

Colbert mocked the ad for assuming a bridal-themed campaign was the best way to reach women, and later went on to debut an ad of his own, with women talking about candidates as though they were feminine hygiene products

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"Who need access to contraception and equal pay? You're getting married — let him take care of that hard stuff," Colbert said.

The College Republicans customized the ad for candidates across the country (cue Colbert's supercut of the young woman saying "yes" to about a dozen candidates).

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"It is a nice dress, but I think trying out so many candidates disqualifies her from wearing white," Colbert said.

You can see the Colbert Report segment above and the original ad below.

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