Stephen Colbert Mocks Steven Seagal Viral Video With DVD-Filled Segment

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The 'Late Show' host feels the action star has more to say about the controversy over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

The controversy over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem has been a hot topic for many people over the past week.

"Just about everyone you can think of is weighing in on the NFL debate, and yesterday, someone you would never think of did as well," Stephen Colbert told The Late Show audience on Thursday, as he introduced action star Steven Seagal taking on the topic.

Earlier this week, Seagal appeared on a British morning talk show, in a video that quickly went viral, to give his opinions on the current controversy. During the appearance, Seagal stated that while he respects everyone’s right to their own opinion, he believes the NFL is taking the United States “hostage” by “imposing their political views” on people that just want to watch football games. The actor added that he respects the American flag and that he has “risked [his] life countless times for the American flag.”

Colbert responded to Seagal’s claim that he has risked his life for the country by saying, “None of that was real.” He then added, “But then again, neither is his hair.”

The Late Show host told the audience that he believes Seagal could have said more on the issue. After stepping off camera for a few seconds, Colbert reappeared with a fake goatee and glasses to get into character as Seagal.

Colbert strategically included many of the actor’s films into his explanation for condemning the NFL. “These football players have the fans Under Siege,” he began as he caught a copy of the Under Siege DVD and showed it to the audience. “They may think they’re Above the Law,” he continued.

A highlight of the segment was when Colbert missed the DVD of the Under Siege sequel being thrown at him. After retrieving the DVD, he continued, “They'll find most Americans are Out for Justice because they're feeling Under Siege 2.” Colbert concluded the DVD bit with, “And if these protesters don't like this country, they can feel free to challenge me to Mortal Kombat.”

“One thing's for sure. You mess with Steven Seagal, you're not only going straight to hell—you're going straight to DVD,” Colbert said before walking off camera to morph out of Steven Seagal mode.

Watch the full clip below.