Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Releases NBA Lockout Ad

Comedy Central

The Comedy Central host's new video, titled "Foul Balls," sarcastically blames basketball players for the lockout, calling the league's owners "job creators" and heroes.

Stephen Colbert is taking on a big foe in a new faux ad for his Super PAC. 

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The video, dealing with the NBA lockout, comes out on the side of the owners, who the ad says are on the fans side, and are the number one employers of "our nation's tiny blimp pilots," says Colbert in a voice-over recording. 

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"They're working hard to save the season, so Americans don't have to watch hockey," he ads. 

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The Super PAC attempted to run the ad on Dallas' ABC affiliate station WFAA, which the host addressed on his Comedy Central Colbert Report show, saying despite purchasing airtime, the TV station did not run the ad, which he calls an elaborate conspiracy. 

"They're trying to silence you nation," said Colbert, who called on the station to air the ad Tuesday "on a prime spot, like Good Morning America." 

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