Stephen Colbert: 'Noah' Needs a Lesbian Love Scene (Video)

Comedy Central

The Comedy Central host tells Darren Aronofsky that he'd like to see a repeat of the steamy "Black Swan" scene in the director's biblical epic.

On Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert asked Noah director Darren Aronofsky if his film would make his "arc rise," saying he hoped the film was like the Aronofsky's Black Swan -- alluding to Swan's love scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. "You know the scene I'm talking about. I know why you made $300 million my friend," Colbert said.

On The Tonight Show, Aronofsky's star Russell Crowe took an (unwanted) trip down memory lane, when Jimmy Fallon aired a video from the actor's old rock band. Crowe claimed the band was a massive failure, and sold around 500 copies of its album.

Later on Late Night, James Van Der Beek hilariously mocked his upcoming CBS comedy Friends with Better Lives. "It's never been tried before," Van Der Beek deadpanned about the show's (very familiar) premise of several adult friends trying to figure out their lives. "It's tough to wrap your mind around, but let me explain it."

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel had fun at the expense of fitness clothing company Lululemon by presenting "Lululemon spray-on yoga pants." The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host went on to joke: "They are so tight they cut off circulation to the part of the brain which tells you 'that's too much to spend on yoga pants.'"

After airing a scary mock trailer for fake show, The Kardashian Konquest: The Taking of America, Kimmel welcomed guest Jason Bateman, who revealed that the opening of his new film, Bad Words, clashed with the beginning of baseball season. "We asked the MLB to move that. They were unresponsive," Bateman said, explaining: "I am a huge Dodgers fan … They asked me to be the P.A. announcer," while pondering why the team would ask "a pseudo celebrity."