Stephen Colbert Shows How "Far Up" Trump's White House Nunes Really Is

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Seth Meyers added his take on Nunes, suggesting that Steve Carell play him in a movie.

Stephen Colbert knows that the Russian controversy around President Donald Trump can be confusing, so he brought out his "Figure-It-Out-a-Tron" chalkboard to help explain what is happening.

"Was there nefarious collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, or is this all just being blown out of proportion by the liberal media over at The New York Times and the FBI? Who knows?" said Colbert on Tuesday's Late Show.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is supposed to be investigating any possible collusion, but Colbert pointed out that he might not be the best person for the job — since he was on Trump's transition team and advised his campaign. He compared it to telling Luke Skywalker that Darth Vader would be a great new adviser to the Rebel Alliance.

Meanwhile, Nunes has been spending "a lot of time" trying to validate Trump's tweets that accused Obama of wiretapping him, although there has yet to be evidence that this occurred. 

"The only person he has briefed on the subject is Donald Trump," said Colbert. "Oh, that is brilliant detective work. You gather all the evidence you can on the prime suspect, and then you share it with him."

On the chalkboard, he worked out Nunes' competing loyalties and drew a W covering Nunes' stick-figure head to represent the White House. That W quickly morphed into a drawing that represented "Trump's ass-ociates," with "ociates" in really small letters so that he wouldn't "waste" chalk.

"He is up in the White House. He’s so far up in the White House, you can’t even see his head," said Colbert of Nunes disappearing into the drawing. 

"He's really in Trump's inner circle," concluded Colbert, saying that no matter where the investigation leads, Nunes will not come out smelling like roses.

On Late Night, Seth Meyers also talked about the issues surrounding Nunes, but first he mocked Trump for tweeting about why people aren't focusing on Hillary Clinton and Russia.

"You know why Congress isn’t looking into Hillary Clinton? Because every day you are presenting them with 1,000 bigger problems,” said Meyers. “If Godzilla is rampaging in the street, it’s not the best time to say ‘We need to fix these potholes.'" 

He used Jeff Bridges' "The Dude" character from The Big Lebowski to explain some of Trump's quotes about wiretapping and the information Nunes alleges he has but won't share. After playing a clip of a senator saying the Nunes controversy seems like a movie that people would turn off because it is so unbelievable, Meyers responded that he would watch that film. In fact, he has an idea for the star and title.

"Steve Carell stars as a bumbling congressman turned spy in the new comedy High Nunes," Meyers joked.

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