Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Lawrence O'Donnell's On-Set Outburst

Stephen Colbert Sept 21 - Screengrab - H 2017
YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The 'Late Show' host even joked that he, too, had lost his cool recently, and released footage of the incident.

On Wednesday, footage was released of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell expressing frustration with his control room and construction sounds. Stephen Colbert addressed the clip on Thursday's Late Show and said he sympathized with O’Donnell.  “While the footage is not flattering, as a broadcaster I sincerely feel for Lawrence O’Donnell in this clip,” Colbert said.

The host knows firsthand how stressful it can be to host a television show, and he admitted the tiniest distractions can make the job even more difficult. He even joked that he recently had a meltdown of his own while filming The Late Show.

“That’s why, in solidarity with Lawrence O’Donnell, and just to get ahead of the story before it breaks, I’m releasing my own tape,” Colbert said.

In the clip, Colbert curses and complains about hearing a woman discussing Christmas traditions in his earpiece. “Now she’s ringing sleigh bells and reciting ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’” he angrily explains.

The host becomes even more agitated when he starts hearing drilling. He complains, “Where’s the drilling coming from? Stop the drilling!” He then decides to take matters into his own hands and states, “I’ll stop the drilling myself! Where’s the drilling?”

The clip later intensifies when he claims to hear a horse and loses sight of his own chair. The stressed-out host is then seen slapping himself across the face and choking himself to the point where he falls out of his chair.

Watch the full clip below.