Stephen Colbert Remakes 'The Usual Suspects' With Trump and Putin

Courtesy of CBS/YouTube

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is ... whatever Sean Spicer is saying."

Who is Keyser Soze?

This time around, it's The Late Show's Stephen Colbert. The host has created his own version of the '90s film The Usual Suspects, now focused on the mystery of President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the real nature of their relationship. 

In his "remake," Colbert stars as Kevin Spacey's character, reimagining the final interrogation scene of the original film when he is questioned by Chazz Palminteri's police officer character.

But when he insists that Colbert must "know something," the late-night host simply agrees.

"Yes! I do know something! And I'm telling you everything, you're just not listening. I've been telling you for, like, a year! There's something weird going on between Trump and the Russians!"

The spoof remake debuted hours after Trump began lashing out at the media for their "conspiracy theories" and coverage over his contact with Russian leaders. A report was released that claims members of Trump’s presidential campaign had contacted Russian officials several times in the year before he was elected. 

As the movie's detective begins to piece the clues together, Colbert hints: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is ... whatever Sean Spicer is saying. And just like that: Putin." 

Watch the video below.