Stephen Colbert in Russia: Intelligence Agents "Followed Me Everywhere"

"I could be giving state secrets to the Russians," Colbert joked on Monday's 'Late Show.' "Oh wait, someone's already got that covered."

The host of CBS' The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was happy to be home on Monday night.

After returning from a trip to Russia on assignment for some future Late Show pieces, Colbert said he was certainly not alone while abroad: "You know who did know I was in Russia? Russian intelligence. Hardcore fans, evidently — followed me everywhere."

He continued: "Also got some attention from American intelligence. A couple guys seemed to pop up everywhere we went."

Colbert joked how "important" it is to keep an eye on comedians abroad. "I could be giving state secrets to the Russians," he said. "Oh wait, someone's already got that covered."

The late-night host added that he still felt like he was on Moscow time, "which means my body is one hour later, which I think makes me James Corden right now."

"That sounds fun, drive around, sing some songs, that'd be nice," joked Colbert, alluding to the "Carpool Karaoke" segments on The Late Late Show With James Corden

The Late Show host traveled to Russia last week, putting the CBS late-night series into repeats until he returned Monday night. While abroad, Colbert appeared on a Russian TV show, Evening Urgant, and jokingly announced he was considering a 2020 presidential run. "I thought it would be better to cut out the middle man and just tell the Russians myself,” Colbert said on the program. 

On Monday's Late Show, Colbert claimed that right now he is only considering running, if he were actually running he wouldn't ask the Russians for help — he'd have his son-in-law ask them.

The Late Show host added that he has been planning the trip for months, and it was supposed to be top-secret. "Some traitor leaked that I was over there," said Colbert, going on to reveal that the leaker was himself, since he tweeted that he was in Russia. "I will never trust me again." He plans to show footage from his trip over the course of this entire week.

Colbert also opened the show with a quick clip of himself in Russia, in which he insists he's in New York. "After all of the things I've said about Vladimir Putin, I'd be crazy to go to Russia," he said, bringing out a hot dog and a Yankees hat as "evidence." His stealthy plan is interrupted when a woman comes up to him speaking Russian. He quickly responds in Spanish and walks off.