Stephen Colbert Says Trump Was Like "A Bad School Boy" in Their 'Late Show' Interview


The host told Andy Cohen on Thursday that Trump "didn’t even make eye contact" during their interview.

Stephen Colbert has entered the Clubhouse.

The Late Show host sat down with Andy Cohen on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live to discuss interviewing politicians, his Colbert Report character and what it was like to step into David Letterman's shoes. 

Introduced as the man “with nine Emmys and at least two personalities,” Colbert joined Cohen in a game called “Heads of State." Cohen asked Colbert a series of questions about politicians, including which one did the best job at "avoiding the hard-hitting questions."

Choosing between Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, Colbert answered immediately: Trump.

"He didn’t even make eye contact — he sat there like a bad school boy being lectured."

Who was the nicest to Colbert's staff? Biden: “He called my in laws and left a message saying how beautiful my wife is," Colbert said, to an "aww" from the audience. 

Who would he trust the most with a secret? "Hillary Clinton, but I hope she didn’t email it to me," Colbert joked. 

Who would be best friends with in real life? "Bernie, because I like a rumpled man. They’re relaxing."

When Cohen took a social media question about why Colbert couldn’t do his Colbert Report character on his CBS show, the Late Show host replied: “I’ve been advised by counsel not to answer that question, which might give you some idea why I can’t do it,” he hinted, though he did bring him back for the conventions last year. “It’s literally my face and my name, so I went and did it and the lawyers said, 'Yeah, I wouldn’t do that.’"

In July, Colbert told THR that he had viewed the character as a "tool" to be used wisely. "He can't come in small, it's got to be big," he said. 

On stepping into Letterman's shoes for The Late Show, Colbert shared a touching story about speaking with the legendary comedian in his "outer office."

"He told me stories that Johnny Carson told him about Jack Benny, and that was the greatest," he told Cohen, calling it "an amazing gift" and Letterman "so gracious." 

Watch part of the segment below.