Stephen Colbert Spoofs Sean Spicer With Muppets Mashup

The White House press secretary's frequent use of "phenomenal" reminds the 'Late Show' host of a song.

Sean Spicer seems to really enjoy using the word "phenomenal" and Stephen Colbert used the Muppets to joke about it on The Late Show.

Introducing the show with a series of clips showing Spicer saying things in the White House are "phenomenal," Colbert then had the pink Snowths come out to play. The Muppet characters sang their "Mahna Mahna" song as Spicer supplied "phenomenal" in the chorus. This continued until Trump was included in the sing-along, at which point the party was over. 

Spicer responded to the video by saying Colbert should give Politico reporter Matthew Nussbaum the credit for writing an article on Spicer's love of the word "phenomenal."

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