Stephen Colbert Shares Anxiety and Frustration Over Brexit

Stephen Colbert Is Genuinely Freaked Out About The Brexit - Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

After recapping the financial markets' reaction to the news, the host punched his "global economic meltdown" card, joking, "Just one more and I get a free everything because there will be no more money … God, I hope that's a joke."

Stephen Colbert took on last week's Brexit referendum with a vengeance on Monday's Late Show.

The CBS host opened the program by poking fun at the myth that dropping a penny from a great height could kill someone, showing far more disastrous things happening when the British pound falls such a great distance.

Later seated at his desk, Colbert shared what seemed like some genuine anxiety, and angry frustration, about the U.K.'s vote to leave the EU and what it could reveal about "what can happen that is bad that we don't think is going to happen" in the U.S. (hint: Donald Trump's presidential campaign).

"Like it's just not supposed to happen," Colbert said. "Jeb [Bush]'s supposed to get the nomination."

After calling those who voted for the Brexit "idiots," Colbert segued to talking about the sell-off that has occurred in the global financial markets.

He said that on Friday, global markets suffered losses of $2 trillion or the "worst single-day loss in history."

"And that is the second time I've had to say those words in the last eight years," he pointed out, meaning he gets to punch his "global economic meltdown" card.

"Just one more and I get a free everything because there will be no more money," he bleakly joked. "We will all be bartering with baby teeth."

After riffing on that for a bit, he paused and looked down at his desk and said, "God, I hope that's a joke."

He later checked in with one British voter who preferred to remain anonymous but identified herself as a childcare worker by the name of Mary P. Indeed, the voter in question appeared to be Mary Poppins, still sounding cheerful and as if there was nothing to worry about as she loaded canned goods, dynamite and a gun into her carpet bag. She also took a swig from a flask while singing "A Spoonful of Sugar."

But her calm demeanor was shattered after a panicked chimney sweep popped into the frame and said, "Speak for yourself, love. We're all going to die."

"He's right. Game over, man. I'm out of here," Poppins said as she flew away on an umbrella shouting, "So long, suckers. I've got an Austrian passport."