Stephen Colbert Takes on "Edge of Your Seat" Kamala Harris, Barack Obama Speeches From DNC Night 3

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Courtesy of CBS

The 'Late Show’ host also highlighted a special message from Senator Elizabeth Warren and a cameo during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s convention introduction video during his third night of live convention coverage.

In The Late Show's latest live coverage of the Democratic National Convention, host Stephen Colbert recounted how emotions ran high during night three thanks to a "powerhouse lineup of speakers" and a Late Show cameo.

Wednesday night featured the convention's most politically star-studded schedule yet, including speeches and appearances by a slew of high-profile female Democrats, including 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The evening's star was vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who accepted her spot on the 2020 Democratic ticket in a historic speech that Colbert characterized as an "edge of your seat moment." Her in-person, socially distanced stage appearance featured the California senator recounting lessons she learned from her mother, her vision for the country's future and the effect Trump's presidency has had on Americans' psyche. It was a moving moment Colbert summed up with the Olive Garden slogan.

"That's right, in America, when you're here, your family, and that's why I'm also voting for unlimited breadsticks 2020."

As Harris recapped a presidential term full of chaos, callousness, incompetence and fear, Colbert delivered one of a handful of monologue Trump impressions, joking, "OK, who gave her our campaign strategy."

Harris's nomination acceptance was directly preceded by a fiery speech from Barack Obama, which saw the former president transform from "no drama Obama" to "trash-talk Barack," according to the Late Show host. In his break down of the speech, Colbert noted how "constitutional scholar Obama came straight out" before the late-night host slid in a National Treasure and Nicholas Cage joke.

While detailing other elements of the speech, Colbert homed in on Obama admitting he was still hopeful about Trump's politics and presidency in 2016. Colbert took the opportunity to question whether Obama had actually been duped by a man that "hasn't grown since he was a toddler" and is "the only president who still needs a sippy cup."

"Look, sir, I know you're the guy who coined the 'hope' slogan, but even your poster doesn't buy that," Colbert quipped.

Clinton's speech was also reflective of where the country was in 2016. The former presidential candidate and first lady "let America know that she feels your pain," in a speech reminiscing about the frequent regret she's heard from Americans over the last four years. Colbert then reminded viewers that although the 2016 winner of the popular vote once told constituents, "we have to Pokemon Go to the polls," Clinton really "put our collective yearning into words" when she said America needs a president right now.

"Can any of you think of one?" Colbert asked with a plastered smile. "I can. Here's a hint: She's got two thumbs and bites them to keep from constantly screaming."

The rest of the monologue was dedicated to Warren and Pelosi's speeches — the latter of which featured a clip from her impeachment-era Late Show appearance last November as part of her convention introduction. In the snippet, she discussed how she navigates the political arena of American politics, from preparing to take a punch and throw one "for the children."

"That's right. I was on the reel. I got more airtime than AOC," Colbert joked. "I'm part of American history because I spoke to Nancy Pelosi and because I used to be allowed to sit within three feet of senior citizens."

While recounting Warren's speech, which centered on childcare, Colbert focused on the senator's location at the Early Childhood Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. After stating that Warren had a "plan and a crowbar" to get into the pandemic-shuttered building, the late night host took special note of the subtle Black Lives Matter messaging Warren had placed in her video background.

"Warren left a secret message in her set. The blocks behind her said BLM," Colbert said. "That's really nice. Somewhere, a very confused worker at the Bureau of Land Management is feeling pretty good right now."

Watch the full segment below.