Stephen Colbert Teases Emmys on 'Kimmel,' 'Corden,' 'CBS This Morning,' 'The Talk'

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"It’s an honor to host the Emmys, and it's fun, because if you lose, you still have something to do," joked the awards-ceremony emcee.

Stephen Colbert has been all over TV in the past 24 hours.

The Late Show host, whose main show is in repeats this week and who will host this weekend's Emmy Awards, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, James Corden's Late Late Show and CBS This Morning to provide details on Sunday's ceremony, his preparation and how he feels about the coveted role.

"It’s an honor to host the Emmys, and it’s fun, because if you lose, you still have something to do," joked Colbert on Friday's CBS This Morning.

Although nominated for two awards, Colbert is placing his full attention on assuring he does the best job he can as host. “I have to do a good job. I’ve got no control over the rest of it, but I’m not going to worry about the rest of it,” explains Colbert.   

When asked about his preparation, Colbert admitted he acts better on fear saying, "I’m entirely motived by fear and that’s why I’m in comedy. If all the people are laughing, I’m not afraid."

Although the ceremony will include nominations for former Academy Award winners, Colbert pinpoints one celebrity as this year’s main star of television, "You know how the Bible outsells every book of all time? Donald Trump is the Bible of the 2016-2017 television season.”

Colbert even hinted that he may do some dancing.

Indeed, later that day on CBS' The Talk, Colbert revealed he did have an "opening musical number" planned for the big show and some surprise guests, adding, "a few more came through today."

And he continued to hint (joke?) that he'd pretaped a bit in which he was naked and was still trying to figure out how much of his body CBS would allow to be displayed on primetime TV.

On The Talk he also discussed the Oscars' memorable best picture snafu, joking, "We're going to give an Emmy to La La Land just to even things out."

The Late Show host also talked about one of his favorite subjects: Trump. He said he'd love to have the president back on his show and said perhaps Trump was watching.

"I'm sure he watches The Talk. He seems to have a lot of time on his hands to watch TV."

Thursday night, Colbert made a surprise appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden to take part in a comedy sketch dubbed “Side Effects.”

“It’s not often that we CBS hosts have comedy specifically tailored to us,” Colbert tells Corden. He then added, “I heard you were doing this and said, 'To hell with the Emmys, I've got to see this for myself.'"

Taking turns, Corden and Colbert read their personal side effects of being a CBS host, an awards show host and talking to celebrities. Although Colbert said the side effects of hosting a CBS show can include, “having LL Cool J’s personal phone number” and "still not being totally sure what CBS stands for,” just two of many digs at the pair's home network, Colbert only had one side effect of being an awards show host, “Having to avoid Jon Hamm. He knows why.”

During his visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, the ABC host, who emceed last year's Emmys, offered Colbert, who said he "hoped" preparations were going well, some key advice: "Rule with fear."

"They know you host the show every night, so they don't want to be caught on camera yawning or doing something you might see and might punish them for later on," explained Kimmel. 

Colbert and Kimmel then played a game where they wore blindfolds and had to identify the cologne of their mutual agent, James "Baby Doll" Dixon, who even joined the pair onstage, showing off his tan and abs.

“This is very Fifty Shades. Very nice,” Colbert joked.

After sniffing things that ranged from an “old woman” scent, as Colbert called it, to an ashtray filled with cigarettes, the hosts failed to correctly identify their agent’s Versace cologne.

“I hope you have a better plan with the Emmys than I did for our show here,” said Kimmel. 

Earlier, Colbert couldn't help but compliment Kimmel on his Sean Spicer interview, possibly revealing a little bit of envy in the process, saying he "always wanted to meet" the former White House press secretary.

Kimmel said he was surprised by Spicer’s small stature, but Colbert wasn't. “I know he was small, because I’ve met Melissa McCarthy," the Late Show host said, referring to the actress who already won an Emmy in part for her portrayal of Spicer on Saturday Night Live.

Colbert has previously teased that the annual awards show will get political. He told reporters at the unveiling of the show's ceremonial red carpet Tuesday that the Emmys are about celebrating television, "and the biggest television star of the last year was Donald Trump."

Colbert, a nine-time Emmy winner (for previous work on Comedy Central's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report) who is nominated again Sunday for The Late Show, described the Emmy ceremony earlier in the week as "an incredibly fun show to go to every year when you win."

"If you lose, it's an enormous waste of time," he said. "But everyone's going to win this year. I've talked with these guys and we want everyone to have fun, so everyone will win the Emmys this year. Spoiler. Spoiler alert."

The 69th annual Primetime Emmys will air live on CBS Sunday from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Hilary Lewis contributed to this report.

Sept. 14, 11:56 a.m. This story has been updated with Colbert's comments on The Talk.