Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Address Trump Sexual Misconduct Claims

Colbert quipped about the president calling a woman the "C-word," while Noah asked whether Republicans care about sexual assault.

In the wake of 16 women having spoken out against Donald Trump, alleging the president sexually harassed them, late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah took a moment during their Monday-night shows to join in on the discussion.

“Today three of Trump’s accusers retold their stories on the Today show after being assured 30 Rock had been de-Lauered,” Colbert said as he opened The Late Show

After showing an accuser’s interview, in which she says that Trump called her something that started with a "C" and ended with a "T," Colbert poked some fun. “He called her a cat? At least, that’s what I hope he called her. Because if he called her the other thing, that would make our president a huge, begins with an ‘A,’ ends with a ‘hole.' ”

Meanwhile, on The Daily Show, Noah reflected on the “harrowing" stories told by Trump’s accusers, calling out one account in particular from a woman who described her encounter with Trump on an airplane.

“That last story is particularly harrowing. Not only does she say that Trump sexually assaulted her, but she also had to sit on that plane and watch him eat. That’s a double trauma, people,” Noah joked.

Noah also sarcastically claimed the White House said they “support women,” that “not even the president is above the law” and “sexual harassment should be universally condemned.”

“They said none of those three things,” Noah revealed, before showing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders emphasizing that there was “nothing to add” regarding the claims.

“You know, in South Africa we have a word for what Sarah Huckabee Sanders just did. We say, ‘voetstoots.’ That’s what it is. Which basically means, ‘You bought it as is…’ there’s no bringing it back. She’s just basically ‘voetstooted’ the president of the United States,” Noah argued. 

Noah also joked about what Sanders was truthfully telling the people. “She’s like, ‘Well, if you didn’t want a handsy president, you should have paid full-price, people. I’m sorry. It’s yours. It’s yours now. You got to keep it.' ”

Jokes aside, Noah began challenging the Republicans' beliefs. 

“Winning an election doesn’t determine a person’s innocence or guilt. That’s what law enforcement is for. You can’t murder someone and then run for class president and be like, ‘Well, the people have spoken. I guess that whole murder thing is done. Yeah!’ " Noah said. “It doesn’t work like that. And at this point, there’s only one question I have: Do Republicans actually care about sexual assault? I mean as a problem, not an opportunity. “

Trump has denied the allegations, calling the accusers' stories "fabricated" and "fake news."