Stephen Colbert, Late-Night Hosts Poke Fun at Trump's Lack of Accomplishments in First 100 Days

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

"He still hasn’t filled his Cabinet; he didn’t repeal Obamacare; there are still Muslims," the 'Late Show' host said of the president in his Monday monologue.

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah all devoted time on their respective late-night shows Monday to teasing Donald Trump for not completing as much as he had promised in his first 100 days.

“The first 100 days are traditionally a time to reflect on accomplishments of a president, and Trump hasn’t got a lot of those,” Colbert said on CBS' Late Show. “He still hasn’t filled his Cabinet; he didn’t repeal Obamacare; there are still Muslims.”

"But!," said Colbert, "He did sign a law making it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns and for hibernating bears to be hunted. So, took care of his base: insane people who want to murder Yogi"

This Friday is day 99, and Colbert pointed out that Congress might not pass a budget by this weekend.

“We may have a government shutdown if Congress does not pass a budget," said Colbert. "And Trump is so desperate to have something to show for his first 100 days that he just threw in funding for the border wall — which may kill the bill and make the United States financially insolvent. So, Trump really is running the country like one of his businesses.”

The Late Show host did point out that Trump has helped him, seemingly alluding to his show's ratings success since Trump took office. He joked that Trump's tweet about the Supreme Court was referencing "Stephen Colbert."

"I gotta say, Donald Trump has done a lot for me in the first 100 days. Thank you for your service, Mr. President," Colbert joked. Watch Colbert mock Trump for comparing himself to 9/11 when talking about ratings.

Over on NBC's Late Night, Seth Meyers also took aim at Trump's first 100 days in a "Closer Look" segment.

“If this were a movie, it would be called 100 Days and Confused,” joked Meyers. He made fun of Trump for saying he would "still" win the popular vote if there were an election now. "Does he think he won the popular vote the first time?," laughed Meyers.

Meyers said Trump is trying to turn an F into an A like any other "terrible student."

As for the possibility of a government shutdown, Meyers said, "Are we sure the government wasn’t shut down already? Because it was reported recently that President Trump has appointed fewer than three dozen of the top 1,000 officials he needs to run the federal government. Under Trump, our federal government is staffed as well as a Duane Reade on a Sunday morning."

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah said that these 100 days in Trump time have felt like 15 years.

"Trump has ignored a lot of presidential traditions like releasing tax returns or working on the weekend or knowing about government, but even he has been all about the 100 days," said Noah, playing a super cut of Trump speaking about his plans for the period.

"And none of it is actually going to get done," said Noah in his Trump impression. He talked about how Trump is now backpedaling and moving the goalposts.

"You don't get to just disregard the number because you don't like the current result, because if most voters got to choose the number they prefer, you wouldn't be in the White House, Donald," said Noah, putting up a picture of Clinton's popular vote total far exceeding Trump's.

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