Stephen Colbert Says "Less Than Zero Chance" Donald Trump Will Be President

Stephen Colbert on $14M -Screen shot - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

After kissing Helen Mirren and Sally Field on back-to-back episodes of 'The Late Show,' Colbert explained, "I came home the last two nights with bundles of flowers … and [my wife] goes, 'Who was it this time?'"

Stephen Colbert does a lot of jokes about Donald Trump on CBS' Late Show, including poking fun at the idea of the outspoken real estate mogul-turned-Republican candidate becoming president.

But even though Trump is the GOP frontrunner, Colbert seems pretty confident Trump won't actually win the general election.

In an appearance on CBS This Morning to promote the flash funding of school projects across the country by actors, athletes and entrepreneurs through, Colbert was asked about Trump as a target of satire.

But after he said Trump is good for that, Colbert looked down and added, "I'm sure he'll be a great president, too. I'm sure it's going to be fine," he nervously continued, his voice breaking a bit. "Everything's going to be good."

When asked if he seriously thinks everything will be OK, Colbert offered a reassuring opinion to those scared by the idea of a Trump presidency.

"Yeah, because there's a less than zero chance that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States and I have to imagine that the Republic will roll on," he said.

The Late Show host was also asked about his recent kissing spree, having locked lips with Helen Mirren and Sally Field on the past two episodes of his late-night show. As he was shown clips of those make-out sessions, including one with Jane Fonda from The Colbert Report, the host laughed and his face seemed to turn red.

He said that he'd made sure to show his wife how much she means to him lately.

"I came home the last two nights with bundles of flowers," Colbert said. "And she goes, 'Who was it this time?'"

Colbert also teased that tonight's show might finally offer the long-awaited "Who Am Me?" segment featuring his beloved elementary-school teacher, which he had mentioned in interviews ahead of taking over The Late Show in September.

And he might have also hinted at an upcoming joke, interrupting one question to ask, "Did I just hear that those aren't actually Trump Steaks [from Trump's Tuesday-night victory speech]?" He certainly seemed intrigued. Could that be the spark of a Late Show bit? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Thursday's "Best School Day" Donors Choose event features more than 50 stars — including Samuel L. Jackson, Seth Rogen, Ashton Kutcher and Russell Simmons — pledging to fully fund grant requests for classroom projects from public school students and teachers.