Stephen Colbert Compares Trump Meeting With Putin to O.J. Going Glove-Shopping

Screengrab/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Really? How stupid can you be?" asked the 'Late Show' host.

On Wednesday's Late Show, Stephen Colbert tackled the recent news that President Trump had a previously undisclosed conversation with Vladimir Putin at a G20 dinner.

"How stupid can you be?" asked Colbert. "You’re in the middle of what could be the worst scandal in U.S. history, people think you colluded with the president of a hostile foreign power, then you go out of your way to meet with him again and you don't tell anybody?"

"That's like if O.J. does get out on parole and immediately goes glove-shopping," said Colbert, referencing O.J. Simpson's parole hearing on Thursday.

He teased the White House for disclosing the meeting and calling it "brief" after The New York Times broke the story and reported the conversation was about an hour long. He joked that if it was brief, it's because it doesn't take that long to share one's hotel room key.

"This might actually be a nothing burger," Colbert said. "But every time they tell us it's a nothing burger, it turns out to be a juicy quarter pounder with sleaze."

In continuation of his Russia Week, Colbert aired a video of him spending time with Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, who owns the Brooklyn Nets.

"This is how things work over in Russia, said Colbert, introducing his segment, "Over there, the political system is controlled by wealthy elites who buy influence and pull strings of the government. Whereas in America, we speak English."

During his interview with Prokhorov at his mansion in Moscow, Colbert made jokes about being nervous and Prokhorov played along, teasing him by saying that if he didn't let the billionaire call him Steve he wouldn't be allowed to leave the country.

Colbert spent the day learning how to be a Russian oligarch and quizzing Prokhorov on different "oligarch" luxury items he might own. For example, the Nets owner has a jet, but he didn't know where it was at the moment. Colbert also offered Prokhorov a Tinder profile complete with a biography that read, "I made my fortune mining, but I haven't found my gem."

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