Stephen Colbert Imagines a Soap Opera Starring Sean Spicer

Mark Wilson/Getty

The press secretary's daily briefings take on a whole new mood in 'The Bold And The Babbling.'

What would Sean Spicer's press conferences look like set in the world of daytime television? 

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert responded to Trump likening press secretary Spicer's TV ratings to that of a daytime soap opera Tuesday night by creating an example of what that would look like. Hence: The Bold and The Babbling

The video switches back and forth between Spicer calling on female reporters and scenes of actresses on popular soaps.

They cry, they scream, they mostly reveal they're pregnant as footage cuts back to Spicer reacting to their big news: "That's the silliest thing that I've ever had." 

Watch the video below. 

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