'The Late Show's' Trump Jokes Lead to #FireColbert Campaign

The hashtag is urging CBS to drop the late-night host after he unleashed a string of jokes aimed at the president on Monday.

Stephen Colbert's string of jokes aimed at President Donald Trump on Monday has landed him in hot water, sparking a #FireColbert campaign that has people heated on both sides. 

The hashtag, calling for CBS to dump the late-night host and encouraging advertisers to boycott his show, has gained momentum following Monday's opening monologue of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, with conservatives taking issue with his remarks while fans are coming to his defense. 

Fox News' Sean Hannity even weighed in on the campaign, tweeting that he is against all boycotts, but does believe that Colbert was wrong in his attacks. "He is a horrible human being, but if u don't like him change the channel," he tweeted.

During Monday's show, Colbert unleashed a string of jokes aimed at Trump after the president made comments about the "fake media" in his sit-down with CBS' John Dickerson on Face the Nation and walked out of the interview after referring to Dickerson's show as "Deface the Nation."

Colbert made a point to defend Dickerson in the name of his "CBS family," and slammed Trump in a series of one-liners that included "I love your presidency, I call it 'Disgrace the Nation,'" and "You're the PresiDunce, but you're turning into a real Pricktator."

#FireColbert started trending on Twitter following the monologue, with some claiming that the late-night host should be fired from CBS because of supposed homophobic remarks toward the president (when he joked about Trump that "the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's c— holster"), with others pointing out that it was a misguided effort by Trump supporters and conservatives to take down Colbert. The New York Post followed with a cover featuring the supposed CBS vs. Trump feud. 

Meanwhile, defenders of Colbert accused the #FireColbert tweeters of trying to violate his free speech, mocking the movement for an unsuccessful boycott. 

See some examples of the #FireColbert conversation below.