Stephen Collins Played Pedophile Priest in Indie Short Film

Stephen Collins Salute to TV Dads - P 2014
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Stephen Collins Salute to TV Dads - P 2014

The film's called 'Penance'

Stephen Collins played a pedophile priest in a recent short independent film hitting the festival circuit.

Penance is an 11-minute flick about a priest, who, in one ominous scene, holds miniature school pictures of young children. It screened at the Catalina Film Festival on Sept. 27, just days before an audio recording was revealed by TMZ in which Collins allegedly confesses to molesting at least three underage girls. The festival's webpage has the film's synopsis: "A man makes the decision to cleanse his inner demons, revealing a buried past that begs the question — can we ever truly find forgiveness and just how far will one go to get it?"

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Collins is best known for playing a Christian pastor, Eric Camden, on 7th Heaven. Reruns of the show have been pulled by two networks after the child molestation allegations emerged. The embattled actor has yet to speak publicly on the matter, but resigned from the SAG-AFTRA board last week. He has since taken down his personal website and was dropped by his agency.

The role in Penance was first reported by Inside Edition interviewed Ron Truppa, director of the Catalina Film Festival.


Collins starred in the 1996 Lifetime movie The Babysitter's Seduction in which he has an affair with his children's babysitter, played by a then teenaged Keri Russell. He also penned two erotic novels: Eye Contact and Double Exposure

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Oct. 13, 2014. Updated with details added about The Babysitter's Seduction and erotic novels.