Stephen Collins' Website Shut Down After Molestation Scandal

Stephen Collins - H 2014
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Stephen Collins - H 2014

The embattled actor's site has gone dark

Stephen Collins' personal website has been taken down amid further reports of alleged molestation. 

It's unclear when was pulled, but as of Monday, the site is black with a simple message that says: "THIS SITE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE." Previously, the site detailed Collins' acting and music career and included a biography and résumé. Details such as his favorite color (apricot-peach) also were available.

The 7th Heaven actor's website was up as recently as last week when reports about his alleged pedophilia emerged.

On Oct. 7, TMZ revealed a secret recording in which Collins allegedly admits to molesting three preteen girls decades ago. Collins' estranged wife Faye Grant secretly recorded the alleged confessions during a therapy session. The two are engaged in a bitter divorce, which is scheduled to be heard in a Los Angeles court Nov. 12.

Collins' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has charged that Grant has been extorting Collins for a bigger divorce settlement by threatening to release the tape throughout the divorce proceedings. Grant's attorneys deny the charge. At stake is at least $12 million in assets, from income made mostly by Collins during the couple's 27-year marriage.

The NYPD is currently investigating the charges. In 2012, an investigation by LAPD was opened and closed without charges being filed. "No victim was identified," an LAPD spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter.

No criminal charges have been filed by New York authorities, but the alleged confession has already cost Collins several jobs, including a role in the upcoming Ted 2 and a repeat appearance on ABC's Scandal. Two networks have dropped 7th Heaven reruns. On Friday, Collins was dropped by his Hollywood agency, the Agency for the Performing Arts.

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