Stephen Collins' Wife Needs a New Divorce Lawyer

Stephen Collins - H 2014
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Stephen Collins - H 2014

The divorce trial was supposed to start Wednesday

The divorce lawyer for Stephen Collins' estranged wife Faye Grant has quit. 

Larry Ginsberg, Grant's lawyer, filed a motion Wednesday morning to be relieved as counsel, a Los Angeles Superior Court spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter.

The divorce trial between Grant and Collins — who has been accused of pedophilia — was scheduled to begin Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. It has now been postponed until Jan. 5. Collins is an actor best known for playing a pastor on the family-oriented TV show 7th Heaven.

The contentious divorce, which is going into its 33rd month, took a public and scandalous turn last month when TMZ released an audio recording secretly made by Grant during a therapy session in which Collins admits to inappropriate sexual behavior 30 years ago with at least three preteen girls.

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Collins' divorce lawyer quickly accused Grant of leaking the tape in order to extort a larger divorce settlement. The couple have more than $12 million in assets to split, most of which were made by Collins during their 27-year marriage. Grant's lawyers fired back, threatening to sue Collins for defamation

It's debatable how much money there is to split now. Grant has been receiving $13,000 a month in spousal support, according to divorce filings. After the molestation accusations surfaced, Collins was quickly fired from the movie Ted 2 as well as Scandal, and syndicated episodes of 7th Heaven have been dropped from UPtv and TV Guide Network. Collins was subsequently fired by his Hollywood agency

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Ginsberg's firm is the second divorce lawyer Grant has hired. Legal fees between the couple have already reached $1 million, according to divorce filings.

Because the alleged incidents happened around 30 years ago, it's unlikely that Collins will face criminal charges.

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