Stephen Collins: Wife's Lawyer Fires Back Against Extortion Claims

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"You have been communicating lies and defaming my client in order to protect your pedophile client" — Marty Singer

Faye Grant, the estranged wife of Stephen Collins who is accusing him of child molestation, has gone on the attack. 

Grant's lawyer Marty Singer penned one of his characteristic letters to Collins's divorce lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, first reported by The Daily Mail. Singer is known throughout Hollywood for his trademark threatening letters, which he has been known to copyright to avoid distribution by media outlets.

"You have been communicating lies and defaming my client in order to protect your pedophile client," Singer wrote to Kaplan in a letter dated Oct. 10  obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. "It is malicious and outrageous that you would choose to spread defamatory lies accusing my client of supposedly engaging in extortion. My client is not seeking a dime from your client beyond that to which she is entitled pursuant to California Law, and you very well know it."

Kaplan has accused Grant of leaking a secret recording she made during a therapy session in which Collins allegedly confesses to molesting three underage girls to TMZ. Kaplan told TMZ, "Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled."

Singer vehemently denies Grant ever used the recordings as a bargaining chip in the divorce. "You are well aware of the fact that my client has never used the tape at all in the dissolution proceedings. To the contrary, after your client refused to obtain treatment within a few months of the taping, my client gave the tapes to the NYPD and the LAPD. There was never any demand that money be paid to her in lieu of giving the tapes to the authorities. The authorities have had those tapes for two years," Singer continues.

In addition, Singer puts Kaplan on notice for a potential defamation lawsuit if he does not issue a retraction about the extortion attempts. "I hereby demand that you immediately issue a retraction and that you immediately cease and desist from further defaming my client with your reckless fabrications. If you fail to do so, my client will exercise all of her remedies against you, by which you will be exposed to significant liability for defamation and false light invasion of privacy," Singer writes.

The couple's divorce is dragging into its 30th month with over $12 million at stake in assets and property to be divided, mostly earned by the 7th Heaven actor throughout the 27-year marriage.

Grant's divorce lawyers had already issued a statement denying that she leaked the tape. Sources close to Grant have said that leaking the tape would actually threaten her financial future, as evidenced by projects firing Collins as soon as the child abuse allegations surfaced. On Friday he was also dropped by his Hollywood agency.

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