Stephen Frears to Receive European Film Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The director of "Dangerous Liaisons," "The Queen" and "The Grifters" scheduled for plaudit on Dec. 3

LONDON – Stephen Frears, director of Dangerous Liaisons, The Queen and The Grifters, will pick up this year’s European Film Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The plaudit is dished out by EFA to acknowledge his “outstanding and dedicated body of work.”

 “I don’t know what to say,” Frears said.

Having already picked up various awards across Europe including the Spanish Goya, the French César and the British BAFTA, he said, “well, they’re always nice – if you get them.”

Frears also said it is “very nice to be complimented by Europe.”

There when EFA was founded, Frears has a long relationship with the organization and its awards.

“I’m never quite sure whether England is part of Europe. We’re divided about this and have complicated feelings," Frears said.

“But what matters is to keep European film going! And I’m totally committed to that. Nothing else matters. If the films are good, then people will go and see them,” he added.

Frears will be an honorary guest at the 24th European Film Awards Ceremony on Dec. 3, 2011 in Berlin.

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