Stephen King Says 2020 Is No 2016 for Donald Trump

Stephen-King-and Trump
Leigh Vogel/WireImage; Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

"America is more set against itself than at any time since the Civil War, and Trump is the cause," says the iconic author.

Just in time for Halloween and the presidential election, Stephen King explains why he believes 2020 is not like 2016 for Donald Trump.

The iconic author penned an op-ed for The Washington Post, which published Friday. Within, The Shining and It creator began with a tale about a store clerk he was friendly with four years ago.

"I’ll call her Annie. That’s not her name, but it will do. In September 2016, she worked at a convenience store not far from where I live in western Maine," King wrote. "One day that early fall, I joined her at her smoker’s post to scratch a five-dollar lottery ticket with my lucky dime, and asked who she was voting for in the presidential." 

King explained that, to his complete shock, Annie said she was voting for Trump; her reasons included that Trump was not a politician and would shake up the system. King wrote that he got how that point of view was understandable and attractive then — but not now.

"Four years later, here we are. America is more set against itself than at any time since the Civil War, and Trump is the cause," King wrote. "He’s not just an apple-cart kicker; he is that dangerous combination of low pressure and warm water around which hurricanes form."

King continued, "The polls say he won’t win, but they said it wouldn’t happen in 2016. A good many mainstream Republicans have deserted Trump and will either sit this one out or will vote, quietly, for Biden. Yet Trump’s core support has shrunk very little — and it has hardened."

In four years, Trump has succeeded in making a direct connection with the "American id," King wrote. "He has crystallized formerly vaporous conspiracy theories such as QAnon and the supposed deep state," he penned. "He has given voice to prejudices that our logical thinking — our better nature, if you like — tells us are damaging and addictive."

And it is because of all that, King supports Joe Biden — and hopes the majority of Americans do as well.

"A vote for Biden isn’t a vote for the superego — Biden is not blameless — but it’s at least a vote for the ego: the part of us that is rational and willing to take responsibility (however reluctantly) for individual actions and societal ills," King wrote. "It took me four years, but I get where Annie was coming from in 2016, and I get where all those yelling, unmasked, red-hatted partisans at Trump’s rallies are coming from. Trump kicked over the cart. Millions of American voters helped him. Biden is promising to right it again … but we’ll all have to pick up the apples."