Stephen Webster Channels History's Villainous Sirens for His New Jewelry Collection

Cobra Snake Gold Ring - H 2011

Cobra Snake Gold Ring - H 2011

The iconoclastic Brit jewelry designer will come to L.A. the weekend of December 3 to attend his Bev Hills store launch of "It Started With Eve."

Stephen Webster is the Brit bad boy of jewelry design: incorporating rebellious imagery into fine jewelry with lots of edge and wit. With collections with names like "Murder She Wrote," and "The Seven Deadly Sins," he knows how to celebrate the sacred with the profane. His new collection of cocktail rings is in the same spirit: "It Started With Eve" is a set of very large ornate rings that depict fine gems with snakes, flowers, guns -- the beautiful combined with the barbaric the gems include tanzanite, red garnet, rubies and diamonds, starting at ten thousand Euros. There is also a set of affordable silver pendants that depicts pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth. Those run about $650 Euros. These are excellent Christmas gift ideas for the dangerous lady who has everything -- but could always use more decadence.

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Webster describes It Started With Eve as "a collection of couture rings that represents some of the strongest and most notorious women with their weapons of choice since the dawn of time. Just plain wicked."

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To launch the new collection at his Rodeo Drive store (202 North), Webster will fly into town and host a private opening on December 3 at the store with an art exhibition by Ray Caesar and an art installation by Cameron Silver of Decades, the man who seems to be just about everywhere these days, and do just about everything.