Golden Globes Aftershow: Sterling K. Brown Says 'This Is Us' Will Return "With a Vengeance"

Brown teased an 11-minute scene with four other actors that is "really wonderful" in the NBC series' return.

Best actor in a TV drama winner Sterling K. Brown said that NBC's This Is Us will return Tuesday "with a vengeance, with an absolute vengeance" on The Hollywood Reporter's official Golden Globes aftershow.

"There is an about 11-minute scene which includes Kevin and Randall and Kate and Rebecca that is one of the best things I think we've ever shot," Brown said. "I'm telling you, there's gonna be some consequences and repercussions. It's going down. That's all I'm saying.… It's a really wonderful scene," he added.

Brown also addressed his historic win at the Globes ceremony for This Is Us, the first time a black actor had won in the TV drama category. After being nominated for This Is Us' first season and not winning last year, "when they actually did say my name this year, it was really joyous," he said.

When THR's Marc Malkin pressed Brown on his upcoming role as N'Jobu in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, Brown said that the production felt historic. "Just being at base camp, and you see about 24 trailers lined up, one after the other, and each, slowly but surely, a black face comes out of each one of them. And they go to set to shoot with a black director, Coogler, and a black producer, Nate Moore. To see this level of production with all these black faces? It will bring me to tears right now," he said.

Brown said that when he read comic writer Reginald Hudlin's version of Black Panther in the early 2000s, he never thought the character would make it to the silver screen. "Now that it's happening, and I'm actually in it, I'll pinch myself just a few times in February to make sure it's real."

Brown added that he has not seen the full film yet, but the "bits and pieces" that he's seen, he's been "encouraged by."