Sternberg launches documentary unit

Plans to bring in new hires as a result of the move

Scott Sternberg Prods. is launching a documentary division, with plans to produce up to two feature-length docus a year.

The division will be headed by Sternberg, who is planning to bring in some new hires as a result of the move. It will focus on producing controversial and timely topic-driven documentaries that will draw attention to issues such as religion, relationships, fashion and disease.

Sternberg already has two docus in the works, including one in preproduction that's titled "I Can't Take It Anymore," which will center on four young adults raised in the orthodox Chasidic Jewish lifestyle and the challenges they face as they leave home and try adapt to life away from their family upbringing and traditional rules. The other docu will revolve around Morgellons disease, a mysterious illness that affects thousands of people.

"This seemed like a natural transition for us, being in the unscripted business -- but in a bigger way," Sternberg said, adding that he'll be looking at various distribution platforms -- including theatrical, film festivals, TV and Web -- for the docus. "It depends on the content itself."

He also said he'll be looking for a global release for both docus that are already in the works, noting his experience in the international arena. The company produces two shows -- TLC's upcoming "The Singing Office" and GSN's "That's the Question" -- that are based on Dutch formats and recently partnered with syndicator Debmar-Mercury on game show "The Limit," whose pilot was shot in the Netherlands.

"I'm really excited to move in this direction," Sternberg said. Other company credits include Fox Reality's "The Academy" and Bravo's "Hey Paula."