Steve Bannon Takes Aim at Actors: "They're All Dumb as Ticks"

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The former White House chief strategist lashed out at Hollywood and "moron" entertainers on the 'Breitbart News Daily' radio show on Thursday.


For someone who has worked extensively in Hollywood and produced and directed countless films, Steve Bannon has a very dim view of the entertainment industry.

"By the way, you've got to understand something: These actors and actresses, they're all dumb as ticks — and they're all lazy," the former White House chief strategist said on the Breitbart News Daily radio show on Thursday.

He continued: "Right, they're like pieces of furniture. They're all dumb as ticks. By the way, that's why movie attendance is down, people are tired of it. That's why they're not watching the National Football League, cutting the cord at ESPN. They've politicized everything, and you guys are voting with your feet, which I think is fantastic."

Bannon, upon leaving the White House in mid-August, immediately returned to his position as executive chairman of Breitbart News. He's also reportedly interested in getting back into the movie business.

Bannon said that Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are competing for audiences right now by making their late-night shows "very political, very anti-Trump," and that Breitbart News is exposing them. "That's one of the reasons Big Hollywood is on fire, because all we do is expose the hypocrisy of these morons in the entertainment industry," he said.

Kimmel was widely celebrated for his activism against the Graham-Cassidy health care bill that was recently shelved, using his son's case as a powerful example of the good done by the ACA.

Bannon's comments were widely panned by actors and actresses on Twitter. "I've played dumb but never as a tick," actor Jeff Daniels wrote on Twitter in response to The Hollywood Reporter's report.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood wrote a lengthy response to Bannon: "Some people are 'celebrities' and some are 'artists,'' she said. "They worked their way up from nothing and now they have a backstage pass. With no motives. Not trying to get votes or money. Simply sharing their experience of both sides of the coin. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by speaking their truth. Do they speak for everyone? No. But they work hard, raise families, pay taxes. They are citizens and human beings. If money means you cant have an opinion, then everyone in power step down. are citizens and human beings. If money means you cant have an opinion, then everyone in power step down."