Actor and Presidential Impersonator Steve Bridges Dies at Age 48 (Video)

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The actor-comedian, who coincidentally performed at an event co-organized by Andrew Breitbart, died unexpectedly.

Actor Steve Bridges, known for his dead-ringer and oftentimes hysterical impressions of presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and others, has died at age 48, his Web site announced Monday.

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In a coincidence sure to titillate conspiracy theorists, Bridges also was an acquaintance of Andrew Breitbart’s, and he performed as Bush at an event Breitbart helped organize two years ago that attracted 1,800 conservatives working in the film and TV industries.

Breitbart died last week at age 43 and initial reports suggested the cause was natural, though an autopsy has been performed and toxicology tests are underway to determine exactly what killed him.

Breitbart’s death has generated plenty of conspiracy theories that suggest he was murdered for political purposes, since he announced recently that he had video and other information that could damage Obama's reelection effort. His Web site,, began a series today called “The Vetting Begins,” and allegedly provocative video of Obama during his college years at Harvard is expected at the site later this week.

Throwing water on any conspiracy theories that tie Breitbart’s untimely death to Bridges’, though, is the fact that while Breitbart was controversial, Bridges was not. In fact, while politically conservative, Bridges went out of his way to appear non-partisan. One friend described him Monday as having “a gentle, Will-Rogers style.”

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Bridges made appearances on Larry King Live and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, as well as such TV dramas as NCIS, JAG and ER.  He also appeared as Bush while standing next to the real Bush at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner during Bush’s presidency. The performance, video of which is below, earned kudos from politicos on both sides of the aisle.

On Monday, KFI-AM host Tim Conway Jr. spent a good portion of his radio show playing comedy clips from Bridges.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Bridges,” reads a message at “His passing comes as a shock to all of us. The cause of death is not known at this time, but we will publish more information as it becomes available.”

Video of Bridges as Bush, Obama, President Bill Clinton, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other prominent figures is also available at his Web site.