Steve Carell Appears as 'Despicable Me' Character Gru on 'Ellen' (Video)

Steve Carell as Gru on Ellen - H 2013

Steve Carell as Gru on Ellen - H 2013

Dressed as his super-villain character, the screen comic delighted the crowd by disco dancing in the aisles.

Steve Carell arrived as his animated alter ego -- Despicable Me's Felonious Gru -- during his Thursday appearance on Ellen.

The screen comedian reprises his voice duties for the character, billed as the "world's #2 villain," in the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster, Despicable Me 2, set to be released on July 3, 2013.

Carell, wearing a bald cap and prosthetic beak and familiar striped scarf, emerged to the cheers of the Gru-loving crowd.

"I came all the way to Los Angeles because they don't have good Starbucks in Albuquerque," Gru explained.

He later performed a dance in the aisles to the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing."

Sadly, his minions -- Gru's yellow, pill-shaped worker bees -- were nowhere to be found.