Steve Carell Eats While Ellen DeGeneres Cheats in Gingerbread House-Decorating Competition

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

The two face off for a 60-second holiday challenge.

Steve Carell stopped by Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his new movie The Big Short. But it seems he also brought his appetite.

After discussing his movie, Carell and DeGeneres faces off in a gingerbread house-decorating competition, complete with over-the-top Christmas aprons and chef's hats.

Before they started, DeGeneres said that she had never decorated a gingerbread house before and that Carell, who said he had, has the advantage. They had 60 seconds to work on their houses before the audience picked a winner.

Carell laughed while eating icing as he painted his house with his hands, smearing sugar and cookies all over it. He was too busy goofing off and shoving cookies into his mouth to notice DeGeneres snuck out a pre-decorated gingerbread house to replace the blank one she started with.

"Come on! No way," says Carell when the competition ends and he walks over to see his rival's result. "I think this is a setup."

Watch their shenanigans below and also learn about Carell's holiday traditions with his family.