Steve Carell's Last 'Office' Episode: What Critics Said


Michael Scott's "subdued exit turned out to be the right way to leave," writes one reviewer.

The Office fans got emotional over Steve Carell's last episode, which aired Thursday night.

The actor's character, Michael Scott, is moving to Colorado and leaving Dundler-Mifflin behind for good. (In real life, Carell exited the series to focus on his movie career.)

So what did the critics think about episode?

The Washington Post's Hank Stuever wrote that it ended on the perfect note.

"Michael's subdued exit turned out to be the right way to leave," he wrote. "Before taking a cab to the airport, he turned and admired his staff members at work at 4 o'clock on just another day, being their odd and mediocre selves. It was heartbreaking."

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ScreenRant's Anthony Ocasio wrote that the episode felt like producers were trying to show viewers the show can carry on without Carell.

"Even though Dwight did become choked up while reading Michael's letter of recommendation, and Pam (Jenna Fischer) beautifully swept in towards the end with her emotional farewell, there was still an underlying feeling that the producers of The Office were trying to downplay Steve Carell's departure, in hopes that it would prove to the viewers that the series can continue without him," Ocasio wrote.

TV Line's Andy Patrick gave the episode a 7 out of 10.

"Michael's prediction last week that leaving Dunder-Mifflin was 'gonna hurt like a mother[bleep]er' was dead on. Which, in a way, was a shock," Patrick wrote.

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The London Free Press' Kevin Williamson also weighed in.

"There was no Lost-style shocker, no Newhart revelation; but unlike Seinfeld, another comedy whose characters were more relatable than likable, this finale allowed for sufficient weeping and hugging -- although no single scene was as disarming as last week's Rent-inspired serenade. Indeed Carell's pending departure has, in the past few weeks, revitalized a series that's been sagging ever since Jim and Pam's wedding."